We’ve finally made some progress with the site: logos and favicons have been uploaded, an ‘About Us’ was drafted, and I made a start on our review guidelines.

That reminds me, I still need to write down statements that the scores represent.

I’m nearly done with Sleeping Dogs, and let me tell you: that game is pretty sweet. I’ll be reviewing it shortly, and it’ll be my first ever proper review!

To be honest, I am actually excited to review a game – especially for a site that I helped build, and own! 😀


Also, I’m watching a quick look of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and am very impressed by what I see. I’ve downloaded the demo, but am yet to play it. Hopefully I’ll get some time between writing the review for Sleeping Dogs, and playing Dishonored.

Maa-aan. There are heaps of awesome games coming out in the next few weeks. My personal picks are XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Dance Central 3, Mark of the Ninja, and Halo 4.

That’s quite the varied list, and that is freaking awesome! I love games, and now I have the money to buy more of them. Bring on the summer holidays!

And on that note it’s time to get some sleep. I will post an update soon.

Good night! 🙂


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