Looking Forward To…

I might be travelling at the beginning of next year.

Not with friends or anything normal like that. Just with dad and my grandparents.
We’ll be travelling to India and Bangladesh, two of the countries that comprise my cultural background.

I’ve been a looking at getting myself a proper camera backpack. The Crumpled Karachi Post seems to be ideal choice for me at the moment.

It’s a bit pricey, but but god dammit it looks sturdy. It’s also made by an Australian company, in Chinese factories, but it’s an Australian product nonetheless.

That reminds me of a discussion on an episode of This Is Only A Test where the host, Will Smith, asserted that he would rather purchase something made in China than in another country such as Malaysia or Vietnam. The reason being that China has been a major manufacturing country for a long time now and their standards have been improved over time, whereas other countries are yet to go through the same development process.

While I generally agree with his sentiment I believe in best practices. If someone else has refined a process through time and iteration, why not adopt the lessoons they have learnt and save the time, and effort and money that they have already spent?

Looks pretty obvious to me.

Anyway, it’s late and although I’m not tired, I should probably go to sleep.

Oh and there’s an assignment that needs to be done tomorrow – err… today.

Haha, night guys!

PS. SwiftKey isn’t so bad after all. I should talk about it another time. 😉


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