Pono, music to our ears?

I just read this article about Neil Young’s Pono, a new music player, and store, that aims to  do “justice” to recorded music.

Apparently existing formats like FLAC aren’t up to this task as the Pono will be playing its own Pono master files, but thankfully it will also be compatible with existing music file formats.

Already owning a COWON device and ripping FLACs means that I am some sort of audiophile, but even then, I’m not sure if I want to invest in a new media player and a new music store ecosystem. But hey, if I can still listen to my admittedly low bitrate (but high quality) podcasts then why not get myself a snazzy new player?

I am the perfect consumer aren’t I?

I think we all are, to be honest.

On another note, after reading this it’s pretty clear that Mr. Young is pretty switched on. He isn’t quite the cranky old man people make him out to be.

I look forward to seeing how Pono fairs in the long run, and will definitely be reading reviews once it is released! 😀


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